Bamboo wood

Bamboo wood

Bamboo is a very strong grass species with infinite possibilities

Bamboo is actually a type of grass. It is very strong and is growing rapidly.
The giant bamboo that we often use can grow up to 14 meters high.
Bamboo is at its strongest when it is around 5 years old. Usually bamboo after 5 years is a natural kind of decay will become and it is actually less useful.

Especially the age of the Bamboo will determine the quality of your product (sunglasses). Often cheap products are offered, of which the bamboo used is too young or too old.

Because Bamboo grows fast, there is more Bamboo than is harvested. A sustainable substitute for logging worldwide. Solid pressed bamboo is the sustainable replacement of hardwood


The bamboo strands are so trapped that it has the properties of a wood grain. The Bamboo is more stable, much more durable and even harder than any other type of wood.
In addition, after drying and pressing, it is a good type of wood to be processed.

Bamboo has a green skin and is light yellow inside. The trunks are usually "peeled" so that the light yellow color emerges. Steaming the Bamboo after peeling creates a brown caramel colour.
Bamboo can be worked with oil and stain. This allows you to give all kinds of different colors to Bamboo wood. However, through UV light Bamboo wood will always discolour over the years. As with other types of wood, light colours often darken and darker colours slowly lighten.