Oak Wood

Oak = oak
Oak wood is one of the best known types of wood. In general, oak is strong and hard.
There is a big difference between one oak and another. One of the best-known types is European oak: This is the traditional oak. Due to the scarcity (and price), this is increasingly being replaced by other types, including more resistant types of wood such as Azobe or Afzelia. A wide variety of qualities can also be recognized within Europe, a distinction is made between;

+ Spessart oak, straight grain and fine-aged
+ French oak, harder and darker in color
+ Slavonian oak, rare and without knots or knots.
+ American white oak: is lighter in color.
+ American red oak: is pink in color, softer, coarser in grain.
+ Japanese oak, fine mirror, light in color.

'Dark oak' is usually not a separate type of wood, but is usually created by a treatment.