What size sunglasses do I need?

The most important question is:
*which size frame should I choose?

The dimensions for sunglasses are always shown in MM.
Often there is a long and complicated code with the glasses, an example below.

For example: ZH7611-612/T8-54-16-150.
ZH7611 stands for the model
612/T8 stands for the color.
54 lenght width in mm
16 nose bridge width in mm
150 length of foot in mm

In order to order the right size sunglasses, it is mainly the "Lensbreedte" and the "nasal bridge".
Add together the dimensions of the two glasses (including mounting) and the nose bridge.
The best size sunglasses you will find when the glasses you buy are about the same size as the width of your forehead.
So pay close attention to how the width of the sunglasses is indicated. This may vary by brand/supplier. Measurement:50mm is often shown. This is the diameter of the glass.
Standard advice is not to order sunglasses that are two cm larger or smaller than the width of your head.


Lens-nose and glasses

Length and height
Lens width is the widest point measured from left to right.
The lens height is the highest point of the glass.
The size of sunglasses is always based on breadth of lenses.

The nose bridge is the distance between two sunglasses.
A size between the 14-19 mm is suitable for a narrow nose.
The size for a wider nose is ideal between the 19-22 mm.

Glasses usually have the following dimensions 140, 145 and 150 mm. This is measured from the hinge to the end of the eyepiece, so also the curve.