For Women & Men

Wooden sunglasses for Women & Men

Our wooden sunglasses are suitable for both ladies & gentlemen. Choose the model that suits you!
Because of our years of experience, we know that a number of models are chosen more by Ladies than by Gentlemen. Based on the choices of our customers and the sometimes specific models, we have made a small selection in Men's sunglasses And Women's Sunglasses.

Remember, you choose the model that suits you! Every Woodenmade wooden pair of sunglasses can be worn by ladies and gentlemen you choose : traditional, trendy, stylish, hip or colorful there is always a pair of glasses that suit you.

To choose the best sunglasses, we have compiled 2 handy documents:
* What size sunglasses do I need?
* which model of sunglasses suits me?

For the past year we also have some children's sunglasses!!!