What makes Wooden Made unique

Why buy wooden sunglasses from Wooden Made? We supply high quality wooden sunglasses for excellent prices. In addition, wooden made also offers excellent service.

- Free shipping within the Netherlands.
- Ordered before 16:30, ordered within 48 hours and quickly in house
- Not good, money back within 5 business days

Our sunglasses are distinguished by a sleek, beautiful and stylish design.
Once you have our glasses in your hands you will feel that it is not a mass product but that time and attention has been paid to design and production.

No coarse thick wooden glasses but a pair of glasses with radiance and optimal comfort. Many glasses are made of different layers of wood. This gives an extra special character and appearance to the glasses.

Because the wood we use is a natural product, no glasses are the same. There can never be a piece of wood exactly the same as a previously used piece of wood. As a result, each pair of glasses will always be slightly different. The veins, the colour and the thickness can differ slightly in this way.

That's what makes it so unique!