What sunglasses do you like best?

Sunglasses are increasingly an item that determines your appearance. In addition to the very important function to protect your eyes and skin, it is also important to wear trendy and hip glasses.
Wearing the right model sunglasses therefore determines whether you are striking, trendy and hip. You should choose sunglasses with great care. This should look good on you, but more importantly, this should look good. How do you like the sunglasses that go with you?

Actually, you're always looking for the perfect sunglasses. Preferably one who is cool, hip and tough, also enjoys a good seat and provides optimal protection...
Try to include the following points in your decision before looking at the appearance of the sunglasses.

1. The shape of your face
2. Big or small model?
Three. Colour of the frame

Think of the shape of your face.

The best you can do is choose a sunglasses which, in terms of model, is the opposite of the shape of your face. This allows the model sunglasses to show the shapes or dimensions of your head differently. Take a good look at the lines, shapes and accent points of a sunglasses.
A angular model sunglasses stands well on a round face and a round model sunglasses on a angular face.
Here are some tips:

*With an oval face, any model can wear sunglasses.
*A angular and square face can best wear a round model sunglasses, note that they are not peace models!
*In the case of a Corner and long face, the advice is to choose a model with a large frame. Large glasses and round shapes make the face less angular and smaller.
*In a round face, the opposite model is best; take care of a model that is straight or angular and is.
*a narrow face requires some creativity, the most beautiful is a model with a straight top and preferably a round bottom.
*If you have a face with a narrow chin, choose a small model sunglasses. Conversely, it is best to have a large/wide model sunglasses if your face has a wide chin.

A large or small model sunglasses?

Nowadays it is often very trendy to wear an extra large sunglasses. When you have a small face you often notice with a large sunglasses. Often it is more a conscious trendy choice to notice more. Basic rule is that a large model of sunglasses fits best when you have a big face. Even when you have a relatively large nose you can wear a large model sunglasses. In all other cases, it is advisable to choose a smaller model. If you want a large model of sunglasses while you have a small nose or a small face, make sure it sits well on your nose (think of the nostrils) and does not slide down.

Think of the colour of the frame

Where, in the form of sunglasses, you could choose the opposite of your face, the colour is not the same. As for the color of the frame, the best thing you can do is, that's the same color as your skin.
Usually two main colours are used to determine the skin colour. The more pale-like skin colours and the pink/red-like skin colours.

With a more yellow skin, it is therefore best to fit a glass frame that has warm colors, such as brown, gold-like and copper-like. When you have more pink or red-like skin, you can choose the best for colder glasses, colors such as black, silver and gray.